Thank You


The saying patience is a virtue is so very true. It’s not something that you are born with and I believe it is an art form acquired and cultivated over time.

Often times history repeats itself. As a child, I remember being told to be patient. Today as a parent myself, I find that I am constantly telling my kids to be patient or to have patience. Sometimes I wonder just how old my kids think that I am since I constantly hear “Mom – you just don’t understand”. Well, I understand plenty and to my kids I say – yes, patience is a virtue and good things come to those who have P A T I E N C E.


Gone – – –

Why is it that there is such a finality to that word. Whenever I hear it or say it, it’s just plain depressing. It’s truly the saddest word known to man. Gone is the money that my kids took out of my purse. Gone is the lunch that someone took out of the frig at work. Gone….cause it is never coming back.